China Airlines unterst├╝tzt Klimaschutz

Die taiwanische Fluglinie beteiligt sich an der Forschung zur Reduzierung von Treibhausgasen

von Petra Schwert

China Airlines, Executive Yuan, and National Central University
Sign MoU with Europe on Greenhouse Gases

February  19,  2008,  Taipei,  Taiwan    China  Airlines  today joined the Executive  Yuan  and National Central University to co-sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Europe on the Pacific Greenhouse Gases Measurement Project  (PGGMP).  The  memorandum  was  signed  with  Europe’s IAGOS group (In-service  Aircraft  with  a  Global  Observing  System), and the signing ceremony  was taken place in Brussels, Belgium on February 18. As the first Asian airline to become an IAGOS member, China Airlines was greatly honored to cooperate with official and academic authorities in Taiwan and Europe.
Taiwan’s  National  Central  University  is  the PGGMP project leader, with cooperation  from  the  Environmental  Protection Administration, IAGOS and China Airlines. The project will equip two China Airlines A340-300 aircraft with  a  special  instrument  in  2009,  for  the  purpose of measuring and recording  the  atmosphere  during  flights. The recorded data will provide useful information for global environmental protection research.
On  the issue of environmental protection, China Airlines strives to ensure that  every  procedure  is  compliant  with  the regulations. Moreover, CAL proactively  practices  resource  sustainability  as  well as environmental protection. For example, CAL is working to reduce unnecessary payload, plan efficient  flight  routes,  and increase engine performance to decrease air pollution as much as possible.
With regard to ground services, CAL endeavors to reduce consumption of electric power, water, and paper, and it precisely controls its maintenance wastes, including wastewater discharge and air emissions. In addition, CAL set up an Environmental Affair Working Group (EAWG) in May 2007. The main function of the team is to manage corporate environmental affairs and improve corporate co-efficiency.
China Airlines A340-300 aircraft is configured into two classes with 276 seats (30 in Dynasty Class and 246 in Economy Class). The A340-300 fleet is used primarily on the Frankfurt, Rome, Seattle, Honolulu and partial Hong Kong, Manila routes.